Zero Depreciation Insurance vs Comprehensive Car Insurance

Zero Depreciation Insurance vs Comprehensive Car Insurance

Zero Depreciation car insurance is a car insurance add-on cover that negates the impact of depreciation in your car insurance policy. In a Zero Depreciation Cover, there is no effect of depreciation on your car insurance plan; hence, you can receive the entire value of your car’s components during a car insurance claim without any deductions for depreciation.

Therefore, adding a Zero Depreciation Cover enhances the coverage of your car insurance plan and increases the financial protection for your vehicle.

So, if you have a Zero Depreciation Cover, you can claim the entire amount of the damaged components of your car in your car insurance claim.

Comprehensive Insurance is insurance coverage which typically covers repair or replacement of vehicle damages resulting from an incident, own damage from an accident, fire, natural calamity, theft, in addition to third party liabilities. So, the damages to self, car, as well as the other party involved in the accident are covered by the comprehensive policy.

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Zero Depreciation Insurance vs Comprehensive Car Insurance


Zero Depreciation Car Insurance Cover

Comprehensive Car Insurance Policy

Nature of Insurance

It is available in the form of an add-on cover

It is available in the form of a standalone car insurance policy.

Coverage available

It provides you with the benefit of the negation of the depreciation accumulated on your car, in addition to the benefits of your base car insurance plan.

It offers extensive coverage to your car, including the damages caused by accidents, fire, transit, and natural and man-made disasters. It also covers the total loss arises from theft or irreparable damage to your car. You can add several add-ons to this car insurance plan.


By choosing this cover, you can claim and receive the entire claim amount for the repair or replacement of your car's parts.

By choosing this policy, you can have extensive coverage for your car. This plan also includes a Personal Accident Cover of ₹15 lakhs for the Owner-Driver of the insured vehicle. However, under this plan, any car insurance claim considers the depreciation accumulated on your car.

Insurance Premium

Premium amount will increase if you add this cover to your base car insurance policy.

The car insurance premium for a comprehensive car insurance policy will be lower before the inclusion of a zero-depreciation cover.


Cars which are less than five years old are eligible for this cover.

All cars, irrespective of their age are eligible.


It is available to be purchased as an additional cover to a Standalone Own Damage Car Insurance Policy and a Comprehensive Car Insurance Policy. You cannot buy this cover as a standalone plan.

A Comprehensive Car Insurance Policy is available to be purchased as a standalone plan.

Permissible claims

You can file two claims against your Zero Depreciation Cover during your car insurance policy's tenure.

You can file as many claims as you want against your Comprehensive Car Insurance Policy during its tenure.

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