Krishi Road Map of Bihar

Krishi Road Map of Bihar

Agriculture in Bihar provides livlihood for most of the population as 76% of its population is engaged in agricultural pursuits. The first Agriculture Road Map was launched in 2008, followed by another in 2012 and a third in 2017. Bihar has gained production in Wheat, Maize and Rice after implementation of Agriculture Road Map in 2008. Besides, the production of fruits, vegetables, milk, egg and fish are significantly increased during 2nd roadmap. Overall increase in production has been seen in agriculture, even 2.5 times increase in fish production.

The state was awarded the Krishi KarmanAward for rice production in the year 2013 and for maize production in 2016. The Government of India has conferred the “Krishi Karman Award” to the state on 2nd January 2020, for its achievements in production and productivity of Maize and Wheat.

  • 1st Krishi Road Map: 2008-12.
  • 2nd Krishi Road Map: 2012-2017.
  • 3rd Krishi Road Map: 2017-22 (extended up to 2023).

4th Krishi Road Map

The president of India, Smt. Droupadi Murmu launched the 4th Krishi Road Map (2023-2028) at Patna on 18.10.2023. The cabinet has approved Rs. 1 lakh 62 thousand crore for the 4th Krishi Road Map. The objectives of this Road Map are as follows:

  1. Food and Nutrition Security.
  2. Promotion of non-raiyat and women farmers along with raiyat farmers for inclusive development.
  3. Sustainable development.
  4. Convergence between different departments of agriculture road map. Also mutual coordination between government departments and private sectors in relation to farmers.
  5. Farmers’ group formation with objective of ‘Small farmer-Big farming.’
  6. Maximum use of modern technology in Agriculture.
  7. Specific measure to reduce damage to agricultural produce during and after production.
  8. Development of specific agricultural areas such as Tal & Diara land and Chaur by making special programmme.

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